3D-Printing (Live Steam)

Device Dr has a 3D Printer in the shop which runs jobs during business hours (11am-6pm, Monday – Friday). Here you will see the Live Stream of projects we are currently running. Our printer is a Creality CR10S which is capable of large prints up to 300x300x500mm (build volume) and small prints which can be .12mm resolution and just a few millimeters tall; its really an incredible machine for consumer-level 3D printers.

If you have a printing job or project in mind let us know and we can chat about the possibility of helping with printing. Since 3D Printing is not a normal service we offer in the shop we will have to discuss projects to determine viability and potential cost(s). But we look forward to sharing our knowledge and equipment for those interested!

Feel free to tune-in to our Live Stream and reach out with any questions/projects/comments you may have!

Call/Text 303-927-6454 | [email protected]