At Device Dr, we specialize in a multitude of computer and laptop repairs each month. Once we receive all necessary parts, we strive for a same-day turnaround. However, for certain intricate repairs requiring microsoldering, the lead time may be extended.

🖥️ Expert Turnaround: Our skilled technicians are committed to quick and efficient service. We aim for a same-day completion once all required parts are in place.

🔧 Precision Repairs: Utilizing the highest quality replacement parts, we ensure that our repairs yield exceptional results, restoring your device’s performance.

🔍 Diagnostic Insight: Given the intricate nature of computer repairs, we conduct a thorough diagnostic process, which incurs a fee of $40-$80. This fee is then applied to any future repair work needed. Our hardware repair services come with a 90-day warranty on parts and installation.

💡 Software Solutions: If your computer is grappling with software issues, we’re here to help. Please note that software repairs often require a minimum of a few days to ensure comprehensive resolution. We deploy an array of tools to swiftly remedy your device’s software challenges.

At Device Dr, your computer’s health is our priority. Rely on us for computer and laptop repairs that rejuvenate both hardware and software.


There are a couple different components which can be damaged on your Laptop. First is the glass/digitizer; the most common repair. Or the underlying image display called the LCD can be damaged, or both. Laptops with bonded displays will make the replacement cost higher.


Poorly performing batteries can be a hassle for any laptop user; let us get your device to 100% in just a couple hours. If your battery is swelling, pushing outwards on the screen, causing the glass to bend this too can be resolved with a battery replacement.

Other Repairs
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Virus / Malware Removal
Computer “Tune-up”
Operating System Updates
Keyboard Replacement
RAM Upgrades
SSD / HDD Upgrades
Data Transfer
Charging Port
HDMI Ports
Custom PC Builds
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