At Device Dr, we proudly set ourselves apart by offering a rare and crucial service: micro-soldering. It’s an intricate skill that not many repair shops provide, making us your go-to for specialized repairs. We understand the frustration that can arise when you seek repair, only to be informed that the solution requires micro-soldering. This specialized technique demands exceptional precision, and that’s where Device Dr shines.

🔍 The Precision Art of Micro-Soldering: Micro-soldering is akin to threading a minuscule needle in the realm of electronics. Our micro-solderers employ finer tips, utilize microscopes or magnifying lenses, and wield steady hands to address intricate components.

🔧 Why Opt for Micro-Soldering? As technology advances, our high-tech devices grow pricier by the day. Rather than discarding a device you’ve invested in, we present an alternative. Our micro-soldering repairs offer cost-effective solutions that prevent the need for pricey replacements.

📱 Making Repairs Sensible: In a world where new Apple and Samsung devices can cost up to $1,500, repairs become a sensible choice. Why replace when you can repair with precision? At Device Dr, we provide micro-soldering repair solutions that are both unparalleled and reasonably priced.

Choose Device Dr for micro-soldering that renews life in your devices, making repairs the logical choice in a landscape of soaring tech costs.


Many mobile electronics have soldered charging ports which can fail under normal use or even abnormal abuse or accidents. These ports are critical for many devices to receive charge or transfer data. Computers often times have daughterboards with soldered charging ports; occasionally we can source replacement boards while other times the boards are pricey so replacing the soldered component is a better option. We can do most ports from your common micro USB-A, to DC power supply jacks, USB-C and lightning ports. The prices vary depending on the project but soldering starts at just $80 (does not include disassembly + reassembly of the device).

Integrated Circuit IC

Every device on the market has IC chips to control, power, process data, and just run the device functions. Some common issues we see are the power management chips fail from using non-certified cables, over powered charging blocks, or just fail “naturally”. We can do a series of testing to verify the issue prior to performing the repair. Due to the complexity of tech devices there may be a few issues causing the device to perform incorrectly. We will be happy to help diagnose the issues in the shop.

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